Scrivener Saturday: Reading Out Loud

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: Reading Your Work Out Loud…or at least having Scrivener do it for you!


I’m not just a gamer. Or just a writer.


Just one of many ways to layout all the bits of Scrivener

I’m also a former programmer and educator, both of which have given me a unique perspective on writing programs such as Literature & Latte‘s Scrivener (which I honestly believe is one of the best software programs I own).

Many times I find myself assuming that other writers who use Scrivener have figured out all the weird idiosyncrasies and awesome perks in the program. The other day, a writing buddy announced that no, she hadn’t heard of ________ feature in Scrivener. This, of course, got me thinking.

While there are a ton of Scrivener tips and tutorials out there, some of them get rather lengthy and convoluted. My goal is that a few times a month, I’ll toss a short, tiny Scrivener tip at those of you who are also writers. Maybe in return you can toss a tip my way as well.

TIP #1: In the Mac version of Scrivener (coming soon to the Windows version), you can have your novel read aloud to you.   Just go to EDIT–>SPEECH–>then click on START TALKING.

What I love about this feature: When a robotic-like voice is reading your story to you, you will hear typos better than anything else. Even when I read aloud, my brain will fix mistakes. This way, I can’t help but hear when I’ve used a where instead of a were.

Humorous bit about the feature: When the robotic voice pronounces Seattle as See-At-Lay. 😉

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