Joy to the Reviews Part III

Yep–another day, another set of reviews. If you missed it, here are the previous reviews.

Joy to the Reviews Part I
Joy to the Reviews Part II

And here’s part III:

…fantastical, dark and unique…All the stories are a completely different reading experience and will thrill mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans alike.” 4.5 out of 5 Sheeps.

I Smell Sheep  (Read the full review here)

Great Holiday Spiced Speculative Fiction…delightful collection. [Ol’ St. Nick]–Think Santa Claus vs the Martians crossed with Firefly and a dash of The Sopranos. [In The Ringers] Raven Oak really managed to turn holiday traditions on their heads.” 5 out of 5 stars

Conrad Zero (Read the full review here)

We get to travel in space, time, and the incredible, from the perspective of four different authors that brings a great degree of freshness to the book. Definitely fun to read while enjoying some hot cocoa around the fireplace.”

The Reading Frog (Read the full review here)

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