Jul 06

Anglicon Schedule

In between having a booth at Anglicon 2016 (as Books & Chains), I’ll be a panelist and moderator on a few panels. I’m even running a game show! My tentative schedule is below:

Anglicon 2016


David Tennant: Serious, Creepy, and Everything-in-Between
Northwest 2 – 1PM-2PM
Panelists: Abie Ekenezar, Ryan Wasson, Raven Oak (Moderator)

Can’t Stop the Signals
Evergreen 4 – 2PM-3PM
Panelists: Caitlin Cormier (Moderator), Charles Martin, Raven Oak, Warren Frey


Alan Rickman – A Retrospective
Northwest 2 – 9AM-10AM
Panelists: Cate Siguenza, Dancin’ Dan, Jeff Almeida, Raven Oak (Moderator), Stephanie Almeida

A Study in Sherlock
Evergreen 4 – 11AM-12PM
Panelists: Berlynn Wohl, Brien Christopher, Judy Lyen (Moderator), Raven Oak

QI–Quite Interesting (Game Show)
Northwest 2 – 12PM-1PM
Panelists: Shaylee Bell/Dalek Clara, Todd McCaffrey, Esther Matheson, Janine Southard (Moderator), Marcus Evenstar, Raven Oak (Moderator)


Moffit is a Feminist
Northwest 2 – 2PM-3PM
Panelists: Brien Christopher, Charles Martin, Mark Sebring (Moderator), Morgue Anne, Raven Oak

About the author

Raven Oak

Bestselling science fiction & fantasy author Raven Oak is best known for Amaskan’s Blood, Class-M Exile, and the collection Joy to the Worlds: Mysterious Speculative Fiction for the Holidays.

She spent most of her K-12 education doodling stories and 500 page monstrosities that are forever locked away in a filing cabinet. When she's not writing, she's getting her game on, enjoying cartography, or staring at the ocean.

She lives in Seattle, WA with her husband, and their three kitties who enjoy lounging across the keyboard when writing deadlines approach.