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Flashback Friday: The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn at the Cinarama Theater

Ah, The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. I saw the movie first—in the theater in 1982 at age five. Another one of those wonderful films like The Dark Crystal that introduced me to the land of fantasy. (If you’ve never seen this film, you really should. It definitely contains 80’s film cheese, complete with …

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Flashback Friday: Mythadventures


Another Fine Myth, the first book of many in the Mythadventures by Robert Lynn Aspirin, and later, Jody Lynn Nye was my first journey into punny, comical fantasy. Most of what I read in middle school was of a more serious nature or even of the dystopian variety, but this series was laugh-out-loud funny. So …

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Flashback Friday: Magician Apprentice

Magician by Raymond E Feist

When I first read Magician: Apprentice, the first novel in Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga, it actually wasn’t called Magician: Apprentice. It, and it’s sequel, Magician: Master (Riftwar Saga, Book 2), were published together in one massive volume simply entitled, Magician. It was first published in 1982 by Doubleday, though I didn’t stumble upon the …

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Flashback Friday: The Dark Crystal

Me, Age 5

(This was supposed to post on Friday, but it looks like a website hiccup prevented that. Sorry for the delay.) Normally, I use Flashback Friday to roll back and review a SF/F work I read when younger, but today I’m doing something a little different. I saw The Dark Crystal in the movie theater back …

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Flashback Friday: Depression & a Dragon

Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn Book Cover

Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn was probably the longest fantasy novel I read in middle school. Sitting at 576 pages, it’s truly an epic fantasy novel. Length of novels didn’t intimidate me. As a middle schooler, I devoured books like popcorn or rocky-road ice cream. But cracking open a novel with such lengthy descriptions and …

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Flashback Friday: A Trilogy of Magic and Love

Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey

If it weren’t a Flashback Friday post, I could always write some snarky post about George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones and Valentines’ Day, complete with lots of death and war, but seeing as I’m supposed to review novels I read back in middle school for Flashback Friday, I’ll stay on topic. I …

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Flashback Friday … A Wizard of Earthsea

A Dragon and a map

My 6th grade reading teacher, Mrs. Terrell, swore to us that A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin was the best book in all of fantasy literature. I recall finding that statement rather dubious, especially having read Anne McCaffrey, but I was willing to give it a go. Published by a tiny company called …

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Flashback Friday…Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes

5th Grade. Top of the elementary school ladder and way smarter than I had any right to be, a teacher recommended that I read Something Wicked This Way Comes by science-fiction master, Ray Bradbury. To be honest, my little Nancy-Drew-and-Hardy-Boy-loving-self scoffed at the idea of a book with a cover like this book possessed. Possessed …

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Flashback Friday…On a Pale Horse

On A Pale Horse

The first time I read On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality, Bk. 1) by Piers Anthony, some of the deeper meanings flew straight over my head, but even at age thirteen, Death was fascinating. I’d lost family members, sure, but I was of the age where the larger questions were springing forth. Why do …

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Flashback Friday…Dragonflight


I’ve decided that in honor of all the Throwback Thursday things people have been doing online, I’m going to begin a Flashback Friday post where I review a novel I read back when I was a child. Sort of a mix of book review and a throwback. One of the first SF/F novels I ever …

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