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Flashforward Friday: Carbon Nanotubes

Prosthetic arm w/ carbon nanotubing via Luke Skywalker.

This week’s Flashforward Friday: Carbon Nanotubes. I’m happy to have author, Stuart Thaman, here again for a guest post on carbon nanotubes and how his own experiences with prosthetic limbs shaped the future of his writing. While I haven’t written much futuristic as far as novels go, I’ve been in love with sci-fi ever since …

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Flashforward Friday: Unknowable Innovations

Neuromancer Flashforward Friday

For this week’s Flashforward Friday post, I’m happy to have science-fiction author, G. S. Jennsen, here again for a guest post on Unknowable Innovations. As I understand it, Flashforward Friday is about looking at recent technological advances or discoveries and considering how they will impact the writing of science fiction. It’s a relevant question, as …

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Flashforward Friday: Social Science Fiction

First Space Walk

For this week’s Flashforward Friday post, I’m honored to have the always thought-provoking author, J. L. Forrest, here for a guest post on the “science in science fiction’s future, the social in science fiction’s future, and the challenges our species is facing right now, for real, in the here and now.” I write social science …

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Flashforward Friday: Galaxies

Zeus Owl of Space

This week’s FlashForward Friday: Galaxies. The Western screech-owl above is named Zeus. He’s blind. And he has galaxies in his eyes. Scientists say that the galaxy look is due to strands of gel that have clumped together to make lines or strands. He doesn’t have an iris either. Zeus can’t ever be released into the …

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Flashforward Friday: Comets!

comet landing

This week’s Flashforward Friday: Comets! If you’ve been living in a cave, you might have missed the wonderful news that we landed on a freaking comet. Imagine throwing a dart and hitting a bulls-eye over a million miles away. Yeah. That’s freaking awesome! XKCD has an awesome series of comics they did live during the …

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Flashfoward Friday: Equality


Normally on Friday’s I’d be flashing back to some great sci-fi or fantasy classic that changed me as a reader and writer, or I’d be looking ahead at what great, future tech is happening in our world, but I’m feeling like neither today. Felicia Day opened up yesterday about her thoughts on GamerGate in a …

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Flashforward Friday: Invisibility Cloaks

Lens Cloak

I remember when this was a thing: When I still taught computer classes & we were covering future tech, I’d show that video and watch my students be amazed. Then this week, I saw this: The image above is way behind anything in that several year old video. This particular project, conducted by Joseph Choi …

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Flash Forward: Vulcan Mind Meld

Vulcan Mind Meld

Ah yes, the Vulcan Mind Meld. Rare is the geek who has not heard of this! The idea that we can communicate mind-to-mind and share experiences without ever saying a word. It’s a fascinating concept and one that’s been explored in science fiction & fantasy for decades. What if I told you it was possible? …

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Flashforward Friday: 3-D Printing in Music

3D printed saxophone

I promise that not all of my Flashforward Friday’s will be music related, but this particular topic was too interesting for someone with my musical background not to cover! First, a little quiz. What’s better? A plastic clarinet or a wood clarinet? A plastic saxophone or a brass saxophone? A keyboard or a piano? A …

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Flashforward Friday: To the future!

The Future?

Science Fiction and Fantasy both explore the realm of possibilities, the future what-ifs and warnings of what-may-be. Someone imagined an odd sort of boat that would allow one to be underwater. In fact, the earliest submarine used in battle was in 413 BC. Watching this technology evolve, fascinated Jules Verne enough to write 20,000 Leagues …

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