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Aug 16

MNG: Eldritch Moon

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: Eldritch Moon (Magic: the Gathering) Recently, Wizards of the Coast released the next expansion in its ever-running Magic: the Gathering game entitled Eldritch Moon. Due to my convention/events schedule, we didn’t get the opportunity to participate in a pre-release draft tournament, but we did buy a box and …

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Aug 01

MNG: Bring Out Yer Dead!

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: Bring Out Yer Dead! Publisher: Upper Deck # of Players: 2-5 Players Best with: 4 players Playing Time:  45-60 minutes Game Components:98 Total Cards (30 Fate Cards, 30 Treasure Cards, 8 Gravedigger Cards and 1 set of Death Certificates and 1 Player Aid for Each Player), 2 Sided …

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Jul 18

MNG: Crabs Adjust Humidity

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: Crabs Adjust Humidity Omniclaw Edition Publisher: Vampire Squid Cards # of Players: 4-20 players Best with: 4-8 players Playing Time:  30-90 minutes. Or longer if you really want. General Mechanics: This game is an unofficial expansion to the infamous Cards Against Humanity game, and like it, the game …

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Jul 11

MNG: Pokemon Go!

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: Pokemon Go! I know, I know. Everyone and their momma is talking about Pokemon Go! but it seemed rather fitting to review it this week considering the chaos that it has brought down upon…not just gamers but everyone. Within 24 hours of release, Pokemon Go! had more players …

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Jun 20

MNG: The Sims 4 Revisited

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: The Sims 4 Revisited Back in September 2014, I reviewed the newly released The Sims 4, a game I was highly disappointed in due to EA/Maxis’s lack of…well, anything that made the game good. Recently, EA/Maxis announced that they were mostly doing away with binary gender in the …

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Jun 06

MNG: The Castles of Burgundy

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: The Castles of Burgundy If you haven’t heard, there’s a horrific heat wave sitting on top of the Pacific Northwest. While my friends in the south may laugh at folks complaining about a high of 95, you have to remember three things: a) That is not a normal …

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May 16

MNG: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon One of my favorite games was Chocobo’s Dungeon 2, which was an adventure game (with a nice plot line) coupled with a dungeon crawler. The main characters crawled through randomly generated dungeons in search of loot and bad guys. Very Rogue-like. (And if you …

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May 02

MNG: Raptor

This week’s Monday Night Gaming: Raptor! This past Saturday was International Tabletop Day, so my husband and I spent it hopping from game store to game store while playing games with various friends. We began it at Card Kingdom/Cafe Mox, who was celebrating their five-year anniversary in Ballard with MoxCon. We played with two Magic …

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Apr 20

The Gauntlet

If you’re local to Seattle and have frequented Card Kingdom or Mox Boarding House, you’ve probably heard of The Gauntlet, which is an annual gaming tournament in support of charity. From Mox Boarding House, “20 teams of 4, from local games industry studios and community groups, will compete in an all-day event for the benefit …

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Apr 20

What I’m…Update

It’s been a while (due to moving) but I’ve finally updated the What I’m…. pages. What I’m Playing— It has to do with Pokemon. 🙂 What I’m Reading— This answer is depressing. What I’m Watching— Nathan Fillion is involved. What I’m Writing— More short stories and sequel goodies.  

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