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May 23

Scrivener Saturday: Compile Replace

Scrivener Saturday: Compile Replace Built into Scrivener‘s compile feature is the ability to do a Project Replace. Seems like a simple and underused option until you find yourself running into a huge issue that spans both Windows and OS machines–the dreaded quotation mark. More specific, the quotation mark that follows a hyphen. [important]Example:  “If I …

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May 09

Scrivener Saturday: Word Frequency Redo

[warning]I’ve got a massive writing deadline on 5/15, so this week’s Scrivener Saturday will be a repeat topic. I added more to it though, so enjoy![/warning] Scrivener Saturday: Word Frequency One of the most difficult parts of writing is making sure that you use variety in your word choice and that you avoid redundancy. To …

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Apr 25

Scrivener Saturday: A Case for Scapple

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: A Case for Scapple. In other words, why should you bother with pen and paper around? While I could tell you a million and one things about Scrivener, Literature and Latte’s second program, Scapple, is something I’m still sinking my pen into. Unlike Scrivener, Scapple isn’t made for writing a novel–it’s …

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Apr 11

Scrivener Saturday: The Wishlist

I’m doing something a tad bit different today for Scrivener Saturday as I’m still trying to catch up from back-to-back conventions. This week’s Scrivener Saturday: The Wishlist–as in my top 5 features I wish Literature & Latte would add to the program. Blog Support–as in, a way to have a blog template the way you have …

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Mar 28

Scrivener Saturday: Multi-Book Projects

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: Multi-Book Projects & Using Binders to Contain Them. [important]This tip has been edited to demonstrate a shorter, better way to do this. Thanks to Gwen Hernandez, author of the book, Scrivener for Dummies, for the faster & better way to do it! [/important] When I finished Amaskan’s Blood, Book I of …

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Mar 14

Scrivener Saturday: Full-Screen Mode

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: Unique Ways to Use Full-Screen Mode. By default, full-screen mode in Scrivener is rather clutter free with basic settings at the bottom: text scale–how large you want the text to be paper position–left, right, or center of the screen paper width–how wide the sheet of paper is displayed keywords–toggles the keyword …

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Feb 28

Scrivener Saturday: Five Ways to Use Split Screen

This week’s Scrivener Saturday – Five Ways to Use Split Screen Beyond the Corkboard & Outline Views. Seems like a no-brainer, right? I’ve run into quite a few authors who didn’t know that the split screen in Scrivener wasn’t limited to index cards (the corkboard) and outline mode. See picture below: What I haven’t seen is …

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Feb 07

Scrivener Saturday – Importing Websites

This week’s Scrivener Saturday – Importing Websites. This is another one of those undervalued offerings from Scrivener, and one I find especially helpful when I’m up against a deadline and don’t want to get sucked in by the realm of the Internet and social media. Most writers have stacks of research for their current WIP …

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Jan 24

Scrivener Saturday – Using Targets

This week’s Scrivener Saturday – Using Targets. With everyone covering keywords, snapshots, & other options, I feel like targets are easily overlooked, and yet they are quite powerful on their own. In Scrivener, there are two types of targets: document targets and project targets. Using the outline view, you can see progress bars for each …

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