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Scrivener Saturday: Keywords

procrastination quote

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: Keywords. Scrivener Keywords will help you organize and sort your writing projects in very specific ways. It’s coming to you a tad late this Saturday because of the holidays. I felt the comic was pertinent as so many of us are full of procrastination this month. If you’ve ever done any …

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Scrivener Saturday: Snapshots

Scrivener Snapshot

This week’s Scrivener Saturday is on Snapshots, which I feel are the most unrated part of Scrivener. Think of Snapshots like versions or histories of a document. Raise your hand if you’ve used Wikipedia before? (Every hand should be up–I’m looking at you writer in the red shirt!) You’re probably going to have to click on that …

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Scrivener Saturday: Revision Mode

The Revision Process according to Patrick Rothfuss

This week’s Scrivener Saturday is on Revision Mode, which has more purposes than just revision. TIP #5:  To get to revision mode, go to Format–>Revision Mode, and then choose a revision level (first, second, third, fourth, or fifth). The purpose of this mode is to track changes to your manuscript based on which revision your in. …

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Scrivener Saturday: Backups to Dropbox

Hard Drive Crash comic

This week’s Scrivener Saturday is on Backups. If I had a dollar for every time an author lost their project/novel, I’d be rich. We’ve all lost something due to hard drive crashes or corrupt USB drives. One of the things I love most about Scrivener, is the ability to use it with Dropbox to ensure …

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Scrivener Saturday: Word Frequency

Text Scrivener

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: Word Count, Word Frequency, and more! One of the most difficult parts of writing is making sure that you use variety in your word choice and avoid redundancy. To help with word choice and word frequency, Scrivener has a text statistics option which will not only give you general statistics about …

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Scrivener Saturday: Name Generator

Name Generator

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: Name Generator!   TIP #2: Scrivener has a nifty built-in name generator. It’s not as great as some websites out there, but in a pinch or in a place with no Internet, it’ll do. Just go to EDIT–>WRITING TOOLS–>then click on NAME GENERATOR. Check out the screenshot below to see the …

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Scrivener Saturday: Reading Out Loud


This week’s Scrivener Saturday: Reading Your Work Out Loud…or at least having Scrivener do it for you!   I’m not just a gamer. Or just a writer. I’m also a former programmer and educator, both of which have given me a unique perspective on writing programs such as Literature & Latte‘s Scrivener (which I honestly …

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