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TruthWeaver is a young-adult fantasy novel I wrote for the Jim Henson Author Quest contest. All entries were required to take place in the world of The Dark Crystal as a prequel to the movie. As such, all novels take place during the Gelfling Gathering and before the building of the Wall of Destiny.

When writing the novel, I attempted to stay true to Jim Henson’s vision of the detail-oriented fantasy world of Thra and his darker plot lines. It is possible that the editors saw my novel as a touch too dark for a Young Adult novel. Either way, I will finish editing it and share it with you sometime in the future.

The Three Brothers set on the Deep Wood as Jael waits. As his father has instructed, Jael watches the Matriarchs of the Gefling Clans gather under the thick branches of the GenTak tree. Never before have they gathered together in one place. Something has spurred this union—something Jael must uncover. If his father’s suspicions are correct, they are all in great danger….

All Jael wants is to be a TruthWeaver and weave the histories of the Woodland clan, but destiny has something else in mind. Jael and his best friend, Nei, set off on a journey through the Fen of Ever-Living Trees and the grasslands that lay before the Castle of the Crystal. Grasslands said to be watched by the Mystics. But the truths Jael seeks aren’t what they seem. And some of them aren’t truths at all.

One of them will escape with the knowledge needed to unite the clans under a banner of war, while the other, will lead their greatest enemies to triumph.

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