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Hungry by Raven Oak

Hungry (Free Story)

“Hungry” isn’t like my normal stories in that it’s not as sarcastic or dark, but it is like my normal stories in that it’s my typical humor. Also, it’s my typical diving into ask questions that need asking. It’s also a cute cat story. Since cats win the Internet, you can get a free copy …

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If you’ve read Amaskan’s Blood or other novels/stories, you already know that my novels are full of political intrigue and conspiracy. Since a group of ravens is called a conspiracy, what better name for my team of readers? Why should you join? Members get: Info on book releases, events, & news before anyone else Access …

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Recommended Reads

Readers love sharing excellent books with others. We love to tell folks our list of favorites, because when we do, the person inevitably rattles off their top ten (or forty) list and voila! We have more books to explore and read! The world needs to read more. I cannot stress this enough. To do my …


Amaskan’s Blood (Book I of the Boahim Trilogy) Class-M Exile Joy to the Worlds Amaskan’s War (Book II of the Boahim Trilogy) Warning: This excerpt DOES contain Book I spoilers. The Eldest Silence