The State of the Union

Look at those last lines in this poem by Nikki Giovanni. I don’t think / I’m allowed / to kill something / because I am / frightened.”  Powerful. I’ve started, stopped, erased, rewritten, and pondered on this post many times Read More…

Cat-tain’s Log

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a webcomic for a while, but one holdback I had was the amount of time it takes to draw one. I love doing art, don’t get me wrong, but drawing and inking Read More…

Published on the Moon!

When did it happen?

Our love was something to make the heavens sing, yet I turned around to find myself alone.

The darkness of your absence eclipsed any joy that filled me with light.

When did I stop being beautiful?

When did you stop desiring me?

Love is eternal, or so the poets say, yet somewhere across the years, we fell out of step. Like the gear shifts of a machine, our parts thrown out of sync in a moment.

Was it desperation that drove you into another’s arms, or was it something I did? Perhaps something I didn’t do?

< No. >

Too faint, I ignore the voice in the distance. Its fierceness reminds me of you, you know. Read More…