Raven’s Work

Malley Says PlayWhile I mostly write science fiction and fantasy, occasionally I do venture into other genres such as young adult, mystery, and thriller. When I’m not writing fiction, I do guest posts/articles in a variety of places.

You can see my full bibliography here: https://www.ravenoak.net/books/full-bibliography

You can check out my short fiction here: https://www.ravenoak.net/books/short-fiction

You can check out my nonfiction here: https://www.ravenoak.net/books/nonfiction-articles

You can check out my musical projects here: https://www.ravenoak.net/books/musical-projects

To see my charity work, click here: https://www.ravenoak.net/books/12-months-of-charities

The best way to keep up on my projects, both writing and otherwise, is to Join the ConspiracyYou may even get the chance to become a beta reader.