Great Books on Craft by Genre

There are a ton of great writing books out there that are genre specific. Click on a genre for a list of recommendations:

General or All Genre Writing Books
Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing Books
Mystery Writing Books

General or All Genre Books on Craft

The Elements of Fiction Writing Series:

**(The series calls for this book: Characters & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card, but I can no longer recommend that book. If you really want it, I would get a used copy somewhere or borrow it. Better yet, just get Kress’s book instead.)

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Science Fiction/Fantasy Books on Craft

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Series:

Individual Books:

***Again, borrow this or find a used copy. I can no longer endorse Card’s works. (If you don’t know why, here’s a good place to start educating yourself on the why.)

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Mystery/Thriller Books on Craft

Howdunit Series:

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