The Histories of Boahim

Eventually this may become a book, but for now, I wanted a place to put information about the world of Boahim for those that are interested.

Notes & Histories

The Creation Myth of Boahim

World Facts Derived from the Creation Myth

The Creation Myth of Boahim

Below is the tale written in the histories of how the world came to be. As with any creation myth, it is full of grandiose ideas and deities.

At the beginning of all times and all places, there was Silence. It stretched out across the blackness and seeped into every curve and corner of time until it grew too sizable to be contained by such a word. In her expansion, she sang like the rustling of trees and the shaking of ground. Like all things right and proper in this world, she needed a name, and so it was that she settled upon Luthia as she was the first of all things.

A passenger in the night, Luthia could only watch as hours and years and eons passed, and in her loneliness, she birthed Adlain, the all-father of creation. Despite the frost of silence, his birth brought light to the darkness of Luthia’s heart. And in the illumination hid a pocket of life, Agaia. With the fragrance of tulips damp from the rains, she burst forth and left a trail of light across the heavens.

Bringing forth such life left much love and joy within Luthia and Adlain and soon, Cerci was born. Adlain rejoiced to see his smile reflected in his son. He bounced his child upon his knee and minutes later, Delorcini arrived with a child’s laughter. This is a family, Adlain thought.

As all families must live and grow, it was soon time for Luthia and Adlain to leave their children who had grown into their own. The two journeyed across the universe to see what they would see. For seven days they fell through the earliest of galaxies and danced through the pinpricks of early suns until they stumbled upon a great Chaos. All nestled into a pocket of remaining shadow, this chaos spun and churned and grew in a place where light should prevail. Adlain declared the chaos to be Echana.

But even in chaos, there is order, and Adlain bound the chaos together until solid planets, suns, and moons greeted him. What had once been only traces of such celestial beings were now grand in their design. From the logic amidst the chaos, Diomus was born, and Adlain felt his existence renewed with the growth of his family. Farimun, God of Great Journeys, sprang forth from the newborn planets and blessed their journey across the night sky.

There was a great peace in the heavens, which bore forth Asti, but such a peace could not last. Luthia foresaw tragedy and wept. Her tears filled planets and brought forth Atlina the Sea. Luthia’s visions filled with war and battle and the fall of her silence until the morning dawned. War erupted across the seasons of Boahim like a great quake, and Anur brought the fall with the sharpness of his sword.

But Anur vowed justice for those who wept, and he begged Adlain to heal the wounds of the land of Boahim. The All-Father hurried to create Sharmus to heal and protect that which they had created, but his labors were not enough. For three months the universe stilled as it sank into a deep sleep, and in that sleep Itova was born.

Created from the gods’ fear, she ushered forth the death of a long year. Agaia thought the world quite mad, and she honored her parents with a single blossom, one so beautiful that the world awoke from its slumber. Luthia smiled in her silence at all that had passed and in one last frost, she froze the cycles in place.

War would never stay when peace was found.
Winter would fade as the flowers grew.
And the sun would always shine for the world’s born anew.

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World Facts Derived from the Creation Myth

In Boahim, there are seven days in a week and thirteen months in the year (so 374 days in their year vs. Earth’s 365 days). Each month is named after the deities: Winter: Itovan, Luthian, Adlian; Spring: Again, Cercian, Delorcin; Summer: Echain, Diomusin, Farimus, Astin; and Fall: Atlinas, Anurus, Sharimus.

The days of the week are as follows: Duciday (or Begin Day), Second Day, Middleday, Gatherday, Sathday (or rest day), Fathday (or All-Father’s Day), Luthday (or Luthia Day).

Each of the thirteen deities are: Luthia, The Goddess of Silence; Asti, The God of Peace & Summer; Anur, The God of War & Justice (and often fire); Cerci, The God of Joy/Love; Itova, The Goddess of Death & Winter; Delorcini, The Goddess of Family & Love; Atlina, The Sea Goddess; Agaia, The Goddess of Life & Spring (and often air); Adlain, The God of Creation & Earth; Farimun, The God of Journeys; Diomus, The God of Logic & Reason; Sharmus, The God of Healing & Protection; and Echana, The Goddess of Chaos.

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