Review Policy

My Review Policy

I’ve gotten to a point where I’m getting a lot of requests for reviews from other authors, often because they’ve seen that I left a book review on Goodreads or Amazon.

I’m going to be very honest here–

More than likely, I don’t have time to review your book.

As a general rule, the books I review are by authors I know personally. Or I’ve been asked by a publisher or editor to review them for a book blurb. That’s it. On the off-chance that I read a book by someone I don’t know, I don’t mind leaving a starred review on Goodreads but chances are, I won’t type anything to go with it.

I have too many books of my own to write to spend all my time reviewing books.

Please don’t send me unsolicited book review requests.

If you really want me to review your book, friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Come say hello and chat with me at a convention. Spend some time and get to know me first. Then after 6+ months or so, you may broach the topic. That doesn’t mean follow me on Twitter, wait 6 months (during which you never talk to me), and then ask. When I say get to know me, I mean it.

It’s a rough world out there for authors and reviews are everything. I get that. But as an author, you should know how busy we all are. Good luck and write on!