What I’m Reading…

So What am I Reading?

Indigo by Multiple Authors (current)
Legacy by Jesikah Sundin (current)

Nothing at the moment.

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What I'm...Updates

6 months ago

Long overdue, I've updated the What I'm... pages. Check out: What I'm Reading--lots of new fiction! What I'm Writing--now that I'm unstuck, see what I'm working on! What I'm Watching--so much Marvel. OMG. What I'm Playing--I swear Zelda's going to take over my life. Among other games. So what are you up to these days? Play/read/watch/write anything good?Read More....

What It Means to be Fandom

6 months ago

The year was 1994, and I was 16. I was “old enough to drive,” which humorously enough was the slogan for ArmadilloCon 16 that year. I’ve written about my experiences at my first convention before, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I took a good look back at the past 23 years of my life in fandom. (Completely fitting for a Flashback Friday!) See, fandom has this history and sadly, this reputation that isn’t always a positive one. With the rise of tabletop games, shows like Game of Thrones, and the exponential growth of conventions like San Diego Comicon, DragonCon, andRead More....

Series Worth a Year of Your Life

1 year ago

What Series is Worth a Year of Your Life? As part of author Andy Peloquin's book birthday & release of Lament of the Fallen, I was on an online panel with Jaime O. Mayer, Andy, Kristy Carey, and Rachel Marks about what series are worth a year of our lives (as readers and writers). You can view it on YouTube or here: Read More....

What I'm...Update

1 year ago

It’s been a while but I’ve finally updated the What I’m…. pages. What I’m Playing— Pokemon, Minecraft, Smash Squad. At least in terms of video games. 😉 What I’m Reading— Lots of space opera and weird west. What I’m Watching— So many shows: Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Penny Dreadful, Dark Matter.... What I’m Writing— More short stories and sequel goodies.  Read More....

Flashback Friday

1 year ago

I am so dreadfully behind on writing deadlines and unpacking that for now, my Flashback Friday and Flashforward Friday posts are going on hiatus. I will still continue to post Monday Night Gaming posts on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month and Throwback Thursdays. Friday posts may return at some point. Happy writing to me!Read More....

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