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Great Online Resources for Writers
Literature & Latte : Makers of Scrivener and Scapple, two of the BEST writing programs I’ve ever used.

Hugh Howey’s Advice to Aspiring Writers : It’s amazing. Just read it.

Grand List of Sci-Fi Writing Clichés : Just what it says. I have these hanging on my wall in my office.

Sci-Fi Tropes : A great list of common sci-fi tropes. Some of great. Some are overused. Some you should avoid at all costs. Be careful! TV Tropes can be a massive time-suck for a writer–or well, anybody really.

SFWA’s Writer’s Resources : Excellent place for resources.

Writer’s Beware : A way to avoid fake-publishers out to scam writers.

Holly Lisle’s Writing Courses : Fantasy author, Holly Lisle, is giving back to the writing community with her excellent writing courses. Absolutely worth every cent.


Got one not listed? Let me know in the comments.