Art Work

With difficult times, I’ve found myself returning to art as a way to cope.

At first, I started with art from my books, which turned into a coloring book: From the Worlds of Raven Oak: A Coloring Book. After a few artist friends saw the coloring book, they suggested and hinted and cajoled me into painting a few pieces to sell. It’s slow going, but I’m working on it. Here’s the first piece I did and sold called “To Make a Dragon.”

To Make a Dragon

With Covid being here, I’ve also created these pieces recently:

Alone by Raven Oak

Alone by Raven Oak. Copyright 2020.

Captain Marvel's Marvel by Raven Oak

Captain Marvel’s Marvel by Raven Oak. Copyright 2020.

I’ve created a lot more but am in the process of uploaded it here for viewing and ordering. Sign up for The Conspiracy, my newsletter, to be notified when all the pieces are uploaded and available. (Signup link is in the sidebar to your right!)

I also do cartography, which you can check out here.