Art Work

2017 and 2018 have been rough years for many of us and as such, I found myself returning to art as a way to cope. Because I write science fiction & fantasy, most of my plot lines are dystopian in nature or deal with potential issues that could occur if things don’t change. Writing isn’t always the escape I need it to be, which is why drawing is.

In fact, my doodles in 2018 is how From the Worlds of Raven Oak: A Coloring Book happened. After a few artist friends saw the coloring book, they suggested and hinted and cajoled me into painting a few pieces to sell. It’s slow going, but I’m working on it. For now, if you come find me at various conventions, I’ve got “To Make a Dragon” finished and available for sale.

To Make a DragonThis piece was inspired by a short story I wrote which will be in a story collection at some point in 2019 or 2020.

Want to see more of my art? I also do cartography, which you can check out here.