Short Fiction

Below is a list of published short fiction by Raven Oak.

Self rescuing damsels


First published in: Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels anthology
Publication Date: 4/16/19
Publisher: Clockwork Dragon
Genre: Fantasy

Featuring Ida from Amaskan’s Blood by Raven Oak.

Joy to the Worlds cover


First published in: Joy to the Worlds: Mysterious Speculative Fiction for the  Holidays collection

Publication Date: 12/1/15

Publisher: Grey Sun Press

Genre: “Ol’ St. Nick” is sci-fi/space opera. “The Ringers” is fantasy/fairy tale.

All the stories in this anthology are cross-genre mystery and speculative fiction.



First published in: Untethered: A Magic  iPhone Anthology

Publication Date: 10/1/16

Publisher: Cantina Publishing

Genre: Urban Fantasy

This story is about the freemium model in software development gone wrong.

Magic Unveiled Anthology

“Mirror Me”

First published in: Magic Unveiled: An Anthology

Publication Date: 10/13/16

Publisher: Creative Alchemy, Inc.

Genre: Magical Realism / NOIR

This story is set in Seattle, WA and is influenced by a real crime.



Published as a stand alone short story.

Publication Date: 12/7/16

Publisher: Grey Sun Press

Genre: Science Fiction

This story is based off of real technology under study by veterinarians using MRIs of animal brains.

Worldcon 76

Ursula K. Le Guin: A Brief Tribute

Small essays from Worldcon 76: San Jose 2018

First published in: WorldCon 76: San Jose 2018
Publication Date: 8/16/18
Publisher: WorldCon 76
Genre: Non-Fiction