The Last Cities of Earth

The Last Cities of Earth

From the world of artist Jeff Sturgeon comes The Last Cities of Earth.

2091The Year the Earth changed.

As Yellowstone erupts, sending humankind into an extinction level event, cities race to the skies in order to survive the coming ice age. As some scientists focus on space colonization and floating cities, others delve into the darkness of genetic modification and new evolutions of humanity.

It is now YE 210, over two-hundred years after the day that changed the world, and global trade routes have resumed. As more cities become connected, old technologies begin to fail and along with them, the knowledge to repair them.

Ideological wars have resurfaced. Threats are abundant from both ground and sky, and if previous space colonies exist, they remain silent…

Welcome to the new world.

Will humanity survive it?

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“Scout’s Honor” by Raven Oak is included in this tie-in anthology, edited by Jennifer Brozek and Jeff Sturgeon. Coming Summer of 2020!

You can more information about this tie-in work here: