A Magic iPhone Anthology

Almost everyone carries a smartphone these days. They sit in pockets and on tables. They sleep on headboards and are the first things their owners check in the morning. They’ve edged out more mundane equipment like calendars and MP3 players.

They aren’t magical, of course. Or are they?

In Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology, 21 authors twist reality and call into question the mundanity we hold in our hands. They ask the question, “Is that smartphone completely explainable by science?” and they decide the answer is a resounding “No!”

From award-winners and bold new voices, from experienced fantasists and professional technologists, these stories are fun, clever, and often positive about the power of technology.

ISBN: 978-1633270237
Published by Cantina Publishing.

Top 100 Bestseller in Amazon Anthologies, Fantasy Anthologies, Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories, and Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.

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Stories included by the following authors: Rhiannon Held, Manny Frishberg, Edd Vick, H.M. Jones, Kris Millering, Raven Oak, Jon Lasser, Sarina Dorie, Jonathon Burgess, Jeremiah Reinmiller, C.S. O’Cinneide, Stevehen Warren, Aaron Giddings, Sr., Amanda Hackwith, Dale Cameron Lowry, Dawn Vogel, Kyle Yadlosky, J.S. Rogers, Angela Dell’Isola, Stephanie Djock, and A. Moritz