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Anglicon Schedule

Anglicon‘s almost here!

If you’re heading to the Doctor Who convention this weekend in Seattle, come drop by my booth with Janine Southard in the dealer’s room and say hi! Buy a book or three while you’re there.

You can also find me at the following schedule:

Friday 6/12
NW2 4-5 PM Conversion TV: The British Invasion
NW2 7-8 PM QI: Are You Quite Interested?

Saturday 6/13
NW 1 10-11 AM Captain Jack: The Man Who Wouldn’t Die
NW1  6-7 PM Music in Fandom

Sunday 6/14
NW2 10-11 AM Send in the Clones!
NW2 12-1 PM Scriptwriting vs. Novels vs. Fanfic
NW2 3-4 PM British Humor: The Wry & the Dry


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