Anglicon Wrap-Up – Raven Oak

Anglicon Wrap-Up

It’s Tuesday, 6/16, and 6:29 PM PST as I write this.

Raven Oak Panelist sticker

My Anglicon 2015 badge.

I’ve now had sufficient sleep between now and Anglicon 2015 this past weekend to think straight and form complete, coherent sentences. Or mostly.

Seeing that many Doctors, Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels in one place was spectacular, but moderating seven panels with amazing folks like Janine Southard, John Lovett, Todd McCaffrey, Howard Carson, Melissa SlaughterRachel Tyrrel, Berlin Wohl, and many others was spectacularly fun!

Not only did I get a cool panelist sticker for my badge, but after my Captain Jack Harkness: The Man Who Wouldn’t Die panel, someone gave me quite the entertaining sticker! 😉

Dalek & the TARDISI was surrounded by cosplay all weekend, not to mention the awesome folks from Project Dalek. I wanted to take more photos, but I was so busy that I didn’t have time. Luckily, Anglicon had a photographer or three. You can check out their photos (which they are still updating) here:

The highlight of the conference was John introducing me to the wonderful Todd McCaffrey. Even more of a surprise was when Todd decided to drop in as a surprise panelist on our Screenwriting vs. Novel Writing vs. Fanfiction panel.

Todd McCaffrey, Raven Oak, Janine Southard at Anglicon

Todd McCaffrey, Raven Oak, Janine Southard.
Not Pictured Because He’s Taking the Photo:
John Lovett

His mother, Anne, is the reason I began writing novels, including my 350 page monstrosity I penned at age twelve. I had a life-long dream to meet his mother and thank her, but she died before I had the opportunity. Meeting him was an awesome opportunity that left me fangirling a bit. 😉

My booth with Janine Southard at Anglicon 2015I met so many Whovians who enjoy a good book. Thank you to each of you for stopping by our booth and chatting with us…and sampling the Jelly Babies!

If you missed your chance to get Class-M Exile and Amaskan’s Blood at the convention rate, check out my event calendar to see where I’ll be next.

Until next time, cheers!

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