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Bestseller Amaskan’s Blood Book Event

Raven Oak book signing for Amaskan's BloodI will write up a post later this week with a more detailed account of my experience with my first book signing, but for now, I wanted to say–


Thirty-some-odd people showed up for my first book reading/signing. One flew here from across the country, one drove in from out of state, and many came from all over the Seattle area to make this evening a wonderful experience for me.

I’m not the best at theatrical reading. I’m still learning how to roll with the punches when something doesn’t go exactly as planned (I’m looking at you missing page 118), but your support, laughter, and generosity helped a very nervous me share pieces of my world with you.

After twelve years teaching, nothing phased me in regards to public speaking or reading to audiences. I’ve taught 800 kids at a time and led professional development sessions for teachers, but none of that prepared me for this. Nervous mess was me. So much so that I didn’t think to take a photo of the large crowd that listened and laughed at the right moments as I read or to have others take photos of me besides the tiny cell phone pic above.

It is because of your support that Amaskan’s Blood is a new-adult fantasy bestseller. It is because of your support that Saturday night’s event was a great success.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. May there be many more grand adventures together in our future!


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