"...Big-Hearted Collection..." – Raven Oak

“…Big-Hearted Collection…”

Australia’s oldest science fiction magazine, Aurealis, reviewed Dragon Springs & Other Things in Issue #161 and called it a “…big-hearted collection….” They had more to say about it as well. Here’s a bit of the review by Aurealis‘s Eugen Bacon.

Featuring six new offerings together with earlier stories, the collection opens with ‘Mirror Me’, a detective noir of sorts—serial deaths around a homeless encampment. ‘Water the Fire’ unburies a first-person house exorcism, and a lady mercenary comes to fore in ‘Alive’ that has connections to Oak’s Amaskan stories, as does ‘Amaskan’. A looming wedding in ‘Learning to Fly’ also arrives with letters from a dead father in the pocket of his bride-to-be daughter’s dress. A novella appears in ‘The Ringers’, where a young girl finds herself yarning in a factory rather than in the academy of magic for which she’s destined…

The stories here are not so much speculative as playful, with tantalising little bitsies of dragons, magic, sword and sorcery mashed with westerns, all collected into an imaginative smorgasbord of ‘why not?’”

They liked it! 😀

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