Book Cover Throwback: Brian Froud – Raven Oak

Book Cover Throwback: Brian Froud

This week’s Throwback Thursday: Brian Froud, specifically his book Good Faeries, Bad Faeries.

Good Faeries sideBad Faeries side

What I Love about This Cover:  The fact that the front and back sides are their own covers. Way too cool.

What I Don’t Love about This Cover: Nothing. Brian Froud is amazing as usual.

Favorite Faery: Buttered-Toast Faery!

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4 Replies to “Book Cover Throwback: Brian Froud”

  1. There are no such things. Faeries are a force of nature. Neither good nor evil. The Good Folk are who they are and nothing more. 🙂

  2. One of the things I love about Froud is that he has quite the sense of humor. 😉 The bad faeries are just faeries–but he’s had some fun with them.

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