Book Launch Event!! – Raven Oak

Book Launch Event!!

We’re approaching June 1st, and that means it’s time to get the book launch party for Dragon Springs & Other Things on your calendar!

6/2/23 @ 6 PM PST

It’s currently not safe for Raven to do in-person bookstore events, so this event will be virtual. However, there will be loads of fun as Raven attempts to make this event all that and more! We’ll have:

  • be a brief reading from the collection
  • live Q&A
  • virtual cookies
  • probably cats
  • party prizes
  • autographed books
  • and more!

While the event will be available to watch post-event (for those that can’t make it), live attendees will receive a special prize so make sure to put this on the calendar.

The event will stream to YouTube and possibly Facebook as well. If you’re on Facebook, you can add the event here:

Otherwise, you can get NOTIFIED over on YouTube at the event stream:


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