Cat-tain's Log: Episode 008 – Raven Oak
Cat-tain's Log: Episode 008

Cat-tain’s Log: Episode 008

There’s a story behind Malley’s fascination with plumbing. We noticed early on that he would open cabinets to crawl underneath and get up against the pipes. If you turned on the water, he would listen and could follow the sound along in the walls. He also understood there was liquid in toilets and that it, too, traveled in the walls.

When we first moved into the house we’re in now, we had to replace the refrigerator and chose to do so with one that had a water and ice maker. The first time my husband used it, Malley came running into the kitchen to watch. Then he kept trying to get under or behind the fridge in order to trace the water in the pipes through the walls. He was VERY irritated that he couldn’t fit behind or beneath the fridge. We sat there laughing about it for a good ten minutes.

I have no idea why he’s so fascinated with water, but he is…at least as long as it’s in the walls and not being sprayed on him! 😉

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