Cat-tain's Log: Episode 024 – Raven Oak
Cat-tain's Log: Episode 024

Cat-tain’s Log: Episode 024


The middle image of Malley focused on the falling puff balls is one of my favorites. He absolutely adores those balls. He used to play fetch with them, but now he prefers to play baseball with them instead. He hits them back at you and if he misses, he’ll pick it up with his paw and toss it back to you.

DiNozzo learned his love of balls from Malley. He picks them up in his mouth–the bigger and fluffier the better–and makes these muffled meow sounds as he carries them up to your feet (or to our bed). He drops them and waits for you to throw them. DiNozzo loves to play fetch. He also loves to play soccer, and bats the ball all over the house. Riley prefers mice and other toys that make noise, though he will absolutely chase after a ball.

The last picture is one that makes my heart pang as our Friday night gaming group has changed since this picture. One couple divorced (painfully) and one person in the picture decided not to be my friend anymore after using my disability against me. It’s sort of painful to look at, but I remember the fun we had before divorce, drama, and Covid-19. Perhaps we can get back to that in 2021.

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