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Ch-ch-changes! Publishing is broken…

As I sit back and type this, I feel like an adventurer in a brave new world. The publishing world is changing in ways that may or may not be for the better.

I’ve spent the past two decades being told that traditional publishing is for ‘real writers’ and that indie-publishing is for ‘losers’ who ‘can’t get a real publishing contract.’ But with the world diving ever long into eBooks, those ideas are morphing, and honestly, as an author, I’m not sure where I stand on this debate.

I read an article today in Forbes that dealt with both sides of the argument, and brought up some interesting ideas I hadn’t thought about. Something to think on, anyway.
I thought I would share: Publishing is Broken. We’re Drowning in Indie Books and That’s a Good Thing by David Vinjamuri.

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