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Class-M Exile Bestseller!

Amidst a sea of con crud and chaos, Class-M Exile launched. I didn’t see what it’s best ranking was (I was too busy fighting a nasty fever), but it remained in the Top 100 Bestsellers in Space Opera on Amazon in both the U.S. and the U.K for a good, solid week!

Class-M Exile by Raven OakThat’s reason to celebrate!!

Since the book began at the Locus Writing Workshop with Connie Willis, I gave a copy to her this past weekend. Not only was she excited and proud, but she made sure I autographed it.

Here’s some of the newest buzz about it (you can click most of them for longer reviews, or you can click here to see the full list of reviews):

I am someone who cut her teeth on Heinlein and Bradbury and likes smart sci-fi, not just techno-thrillers. I liked this book a lot, primarily because it used Otherness to contrast and ponder the nature of ‘humanity’, but also because the plot moved a good clip and didn’t get bogged down under too much navel-gazing. (4/5 stars)
Kyra the Red, Reader Review

A smart and well written science fiction story not only about cross-species discovery, but one young woman’s journey of self discovery. Although that description makes this book sound as though it could be very “heavy,” it’s spiced with enough humor and action to keep it lively and moving, with an ending that will haunt you. (5/5 stars)
Reader Review

There’s a nice twist to the end of this story…I enjoyed ‘Class-M Exile’. not only for the main story and plot twists, but for the implied depth to the back story. It’s well worth reading.
Andy Whitaker of SFCrowsnest

A new voice in science fiction. Oak combines a multi-species future with a contemporary “down home” flavor to create a gripping work of heartbreak and racial tension.
Janine A. Southard, author of the award-winning Hive Queen Saga

I quite enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story. They were so different from anything that I’ve met before. I felt as if I actually knew them.
Jonel Boyko, Pure Jonel Reviews

Intriguing and thoughtful space adventure novella…[with] important themes about prejudice, humanity and war. With a surprising ending, Class-M Exile makes for a fun, reflective and quick read.  (4/5 stars)
Stephanie Hildreth of 100 Pages a Day

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