Class-M Exile

Genre: Science Fiction
Published: June 2015 by Grey Sun Press
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From Class-M Exile. Copyright © 2014 Raven Oak. Best read in the thickest Texas accent possible.

Bay-zar. Class-M planet in the middle of no-where. Dust, dust, and more dust. Unless ya circled ‘round to the more habitable region, you’d be stuck without a ship to anywhere. ‘Round the corner though, you could find everything from ship parts and dried food packs, to roast dog and the rare bi-cycle. Hell, you could even buy yerself a gen-u-ine religion if you were so inclined.

The ultimate tourist trap. And here I’d taken the bait.    

When Eerl stepped off The Marzipan, he was one of a billion tourists on Bay-zar. He expected to shop for rare artifacts from war-ravaged Earth and maybe study at the grand library, but not even his background in Human Studies from the University of Tersia could prepare him for what came next:

A military beefcake with a grudge, a wartime conspiracy, a stolen ship, a galaxy full of prejudice, and at the center of it all, a young human named Mel in search of the truth.

Her search for her past and his quest for knowledge take them across the stars as they uncover the darkness and fear in us all.

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The Making of Eerl (article about how Eerl came to be)
Dreaded Differences (article about my influences for writing Class-M Exile)

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There’s a nice twist to the end of this story…I enjoyed ‘Class-M Exile’. not only for the main story and plot twists, but for the implied depth to the back story. It’s well worth reading.
Andy Whitaker of SFCrowsnest

A new voice in science fiction. Oak combines a multi-species future with a contemporary “down home” flavor to create a gripping work of heartbreak and racial tension.
Janine A. Southard, author of the award-winning Hive Queen Saga

I quite enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story. They were so different from anything that I’ve met before. I felt as if I actually knew them.
Jonel Boyko, Pure Jonel Reviews

Intriguing and thoughtful space adventure novella…[with] important themes about prejudice, humanity and war. With a surprising ending, Class-M Exile makes for a fun, reflective and quick read.  (4/5 stars)
Stephanie Hildreth of 100 Pages a Day

If you are a fan of sci-fi that is funny, has tension, AND makes you think, please pick up this book. It easily holds its own against Doug Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide, and had me smiling the whole way through. (5/5 stars)
G. G. Silverman, author of Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress

Some of the best scenes…involved short conversations between Eerl and Mel about human culture and history. These talks provided glimpses into corners of their minds…. I looked forward to every single one of them….
Long & Short Reviews

[Class-M Exile] really does do what [Star] Trek does, in that it functions well in social commentary. If you like science fiction that really deals with social commentary…you need to check this book out! You need to put this author on your radar.
SciFi Diner Podcast

Oak hurls you thousands of years into the future and hits you at the core of your being. It’s a fresh look at science fiction in a charming “hillbilly” fashion… The plot has as much intrigue, suspense and action befitting a much larger work…a testament to Oak’s skill at short fiction writing.
Open Book Society

Class-M Exile tells a fast-paced sci-fi tale from the point of view of an alien that seems to relish old school human culture without any understanding of it. If there is anything that draws me into an organically derived new world, it is language…I, for one, would like to applaud the author, Raven Oak for this.
Stephanie Buck, Reader Review

I am someone who cut her teeth on Heinlein and Bradbury and likes smart sci-fi, not just techno-thrillers. I liked this book a lot, primarily because it used Otherness to contrast and ponder the nature of ‘humanity’, but also because the plot moved a good clip and didn’t get bogged down under too much navel-gazing. (4/5 stars)
Kyra the Red, Reader Review

A smart and well written science fiction story not only about cross-species discovery, but one young woman’s journey of self discovery. Although that description makes this book sound as though it could be very “heavy,” it’s spiced with enough humor and action to keep it lively and moving, with an ending that will haunt you. (5/5 stars)
Reader Review

[It’s] so powerful…Reminds me of the struggle each of us has to survive, regardless of the many popular myths to the contrary.
Early Reader

Class-M Exile is excellent.  I loved it.  I loved the voice, and the pacing, the treatment of race and commerce and bigotry…Really, really awesome.
Maia Chance, author of the bestselling series Fairy Tale Fatal

[It] proved to be an interesting sci-fi novella with a moral for both hu-mans and aliens alike. Will looking to read the author’s other books. 5/5 stars.
Bookseller Review from Netgalley

[Class-M Exile] barrels ahead like a chase scene from Firefly, all the way up to its thrilling end and heart-stopping last line…The pacing is swift and the mood is very tight and tense, and Oak doesn’t give the reader much time to take a breath in between action scenes. 4/5 stars.
Reviewer from LibraryThing

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