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D is for Dragons

In today’s continuation of the A-Z Challenge, I give you:

D is for Dragons

A Dragon and a map

A dragon I drew in 6th grade (complete with map bleed-through from the scan).

I am not an author who writes about dragons (at least, not yet!), but I don’t have to write about them to love them. Like some girls grow up loving horses, I grew up loving dragons.

I blame this completely on the writings of Anne McCaffrey, whose Pern novels gave dragons a new depth. As an animal lover, I’d always wanted to live on a farm, surrounded by animals, but deep down, what I really wanted were animals that could communicate with me. Imagine flying high above the tree tops with a creature that shared your thoughts and emotions.

Flying in a plane makes me nauseated, but the kid me argued that a-dragonback, I’d be fine. My dragon would fly so smoothly that I would barely feel the air currents beneath us. Any chance I had, I was drawing dragons…especially across my algebra homework.

As an adult, my love of dragons hasn’t changed. I have a greater appreciation for their variety and complexity across the fantasy genre. I’d love to write about them, but struggle to think of a way to do so that hasn’t already been done a hundred times.

One of my favorite pictures of late is this dragon picture by artist Jamie Noble:

Dragon art by Jamie Noble

Click to view it larger. Copyright 2015 by Jamie Noble.

Makes my 6th grade drawing look like child’s play. When I look at images like that, my mind races with plot lines and characters, battles and magic.

How could it not?

This post is part of the A-Z Challenge. Every day (except Sundays) in the month of May, I’ll be posting about people, places, books, games, and other things that influence me as a writer or add a certain magic to my life. Join me in April as we explore a Hodge-Podge of Influences & Wayward Treks through the Fantastical.

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  1. I love dragons.  My son confuses them with alligators and dinosaurs.  I’m always interested to see what he’ll call one of the three.  He actually got me thinking that dragons may have been started by stories of flying dinosaurs.  Maybe some of them breathed fire and dragons truly did exist!

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