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Flashback Friday: Moving

This week’s Flashback Friday: Moving….

Rather than a lengthy Flashback Friday post on something literary, I’m going to Flashback to our first day in Seattle, WA…

Raven Oak circa 1999

Me, circa 1999. Age 21.

No, not the 21-year-old college students who visited Seattle briefly to check out the University of Washington’s School of Music. (Gosh I was so young!!)

Nope. I’m talking about the two of us that moved up here in 2012–excited to finally live where we always wanted to live and to escape the hell that was the state of Texas. It meant writing full-time for me and working on video games for my husband.


Our First Day as Seattle Residents

Surprise, surprise, it was raining.

Here we are, almost 3 years later, and we’re moving to Kirkland (Eastside). My husband has changed jobs, our condo was flooded, and life goes on.

If you’d told me in 2012 that I’d be ending 2015 with three books out, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s been an amazing time in Seattle–one I do not regret–but certainly a reminder that I am a writer. This is what I was meant to do.

I’ve got a million things to do to prep for the movers and very little time. Somewhere I’ll get my 15 minutes of writing it, but for the most part, this weekend is ground zero before the move.

While you enjoy your extended weekend, I’ll be stressing about how the cats will react to another move. I’ll be carrying boxes, unpacking us into temp housing, and trying to juggle too many tasks.

But at least I’ll be doing it in a place that I love.

Have a great week folks!

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