Galaxaar Wrap-Up – Raven Oak

Galaxaar Wrap-Up

It’s time for your Galaxaar Wrap-Up post!

This was our first time at the Galaxaar Pop-Culture Marketplace, which this year was held in Issaquah, WA. From the get go, we had a bit of a rough time in that Jesikah was injured and we only had 2 hours to set up the booth (which normally takes us 5 hours). This was due to limitations by the community center and not the marketplace organizers. We brought spouses with us and knocked out a new 8×8 layout as quickly as possible.

Galaxaar Floor

You can see us on the right side, in the middle. 🙂 You can also click the images to see them larger.

It was a one-day event and thus, shorter than our usual events, but it was enjoyable for the most part. There were some hiccups with the city that resulted in only one food truck, but the organizers did their best with the situation.

Galaxaar 2017

Jesikah, sitting on one side of the booth.

Raven Oak

The other side of the booth. I don’t remember what was said to me, but it was something funny.

Raven and Jesikah

Jesikah and I doing our pre-event selfie.


Tyrion Lannister does not approve. Of something. Of anything. I don’t know but the way he stared at us all day was creepy.

Destiny 1 cosplay

Awesome cosplayer from Destiny.


The Doctor doesn’t approve either.


Clara, the Dalek, surprised Elise. She wasn’t expecting to be exterminated!

Jesikah found an Ewok!

Overall, it was an interesting, small event full of Star Wars and Ewoks!

1st photo taken by Galaxaar employees. Other photos taken by Raven Oak, Jesikah Sundin, and Elise Kreinbring.

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