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Jessica Jones Panel

ECCC did not record our Jessica Jones & PTSD panel, but because they chose not to do so, we were given permission to record it ourselves. The mic setup in our room wasn’t stellar, but the audio is audible and clear most of the time. If you were sad you couldn’t make our panel, you can now give it a listen on YouTube. Or stream it right here.

There were so many great questions we didn’t get to discuss, not to mention a few questions from the audience we didn’t get to answer as we ran out of time. Feel free to leave any questions here or on the YouTube video and we’ll see if we can’t answer them.

From the blurb:

Jessica Jones isn’t the first character to exhibit symptoms of PTSD. Nor will she be the last. Join us as we discuss ways writers & screenwriters are creating diverse characters (like Jessica Jones) with PTSD & other mental illnesses. In terms of representation, what are they getting right, and what are they getting wrong?


Raven Oak (Moderating), Bridget A. Natale, Jesikah Sundin, G. G. Silverman

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