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Momentary Derpiness

derpyThe following conversation took place this morning as I was driving my husband to his work in SLU, and boy did it prove just how asleep my mind was! It was a conversation worthy of the Bloggess herself:

Husband: You know, I just realized how many commercials I will never hear again.
Me: Because we don’t have cable anymore?
Husband: No, because we don’t live in Texas anymore.
Husband (singing): Auto Glass Plusmakes it easy!
Me: Oh yeah! Were they a Texas thing?
Husband: I think so.
Me: What did they do again? I forgot.
Husband stares at me.
Husband: Auto Glass Plus
Me: Yeah, I know, but what did they do? Glass what?
Husband stares at me.
Husband: Windows….
Me: Yeah, but what kind? Car windows? House windows? What?
Me: Yeah, but what KIND? Car–oh, wait–auto. Yeah. That means car windows. Wow, am I not awake!
Husband laughs.
Husband: Pretty derpy!

Hope you have a derpy day!

(Derpy Hooves, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is Copyright Lauren Faust and used under Fair Use only.)

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  1. Ha Ha Ha. Good one sis. Don’t worry. I have them all the time. Kinda makes me understand where I get it from. LOL> 🙂

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