Your cat pukes, then cries.
Is it just a hairball or is something really wrong?

A mad dash to the vet leads to a cat who meows when touched, but how is a veterinarian to know what’s wrong? Is it a blockage or just a terrified kitty? Even with training, sometimes even the experts don’t know.

Or do they?

Take an MRI of a cat’s brain when they’re hungry, and it light’s up a particular way. Take another shot while they’re in pain, and the pattern changes. Researchers believe this could lead towards a better understanding of what a cat’s meow really means.

The folks over at Garner Tech have created the newest tech to help veterinarians and pet owners alike. Cat-Speak—the collar that translates brain patterns into simple phrases like:
•I’m hungry
•I hurt
•I’m playful
•I’m sleepy
No, your cat won’t tell you it loves you, but with our handy Bluetooth collar and phone app, your cats’ meows will have research-backed meaning!

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