The Eldest Silence

The Eldest Silence

Families collide when a genderless society promises peace.

Series: Xersian Struggle Series, Book 1

Space. The silent frontier. These are the adventures of one lonesome soul afloat in the black. Or those of an idiot. Either way you look at it, I was screwed.

Captain Kris Berstenfin wasn’t a typical ship captain. For one, she preferred to be the boss, and second, she preferred to be alone. But piloting a ship through ECLPS space required more than attitude. It required a crew.

She didn’t chose to side with the illusive Xersians, but that wasn’t how the Exploration Council of the Lower Peaceful Species saw it. They put one dot next to another dot and called it a line, a line leading straight towards treason and the loss of everything Kris called home.

So when she found herself adrift in space, her crew dead, her ship in pieces, and five hours of air in the space suit, she knew it was going to be a bad, bad day.

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  • The original title of this novel was The Silent Frontier.
  • While the original first draft was a serious nod to Star Trek, later revisions pushed the theme in a different direction