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My Real Job as Cat Herder

I started this post with the intention to say, let’s be frank as in let’s be honest, but then…cat. So let’s be DiNozzo, here. According to my cats, I am not a writer.

My real job is a cat herder. A play toy–which often leads to bleeding, screaming toy to be chased! A food bank and occasional bringer of treats!

DiNozzo in the WayI turned DiNozzo, our four-year-old never-stopped-being-a-kitten, into a meme because it’s true. My cats keep telling me–almost hourly in fact–that if only I would feed them every time they asked, they would gladly leave me alone to write!

Last week sucked in terms of word count. I have one month to finish my edits, and everything is conspiring against me, including my cats! I might as well be honest—especially my cats!

In the past week, I spent five days sick as a dog due to my allergist requiring me to cease all allergy meds for one full week for an allergy test. Besides being unable to breathe, I sneezed and coughed hard enough to bruise my ribcage. Couple that with the disaster that is home improvement (due completely in part by the epic fail of Home Depot) and you have a recipe for word count fail.

Never before was there a truer statement than the writer’s block meme. 90% of the time, if I’m having trouble writing, it’s because the cats won’t leave me alone. Me being home means that my real job is to play with them. Or feed them. Or scratch their ears. Or stop DiNozzo from picking on Riley.

I love my kitties, but sheesh. Some days, I’m convinced they want to take over the world. I used to escape my office for Uptown Espresso, but even that place has grown too loud for me.

Anyone know a good library or coffee shop or somewhere for writers in Seattle? *sigh* I need to escape my real job as cat herder. 😉

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