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New Interviews and such!

We’ve been slowly ramping up to the release later this year of Amaskan’s Honor, Book III in the Boahim Trilogy, and with this has come quite a few interviews and author spotlights on a variety of blogs, podcasts, TV shows, and so on. Rather than individual posts about this first batch, I’m going to list them all below for you. I talk about a lot of new stories, books, ideas, and life so be sure to check them out!

First off, my story “Weightless” featuring a multi-disabled female character is being reprinted in a new anthology featuring disabled authors coming out in 2023 from Forest Avenue Press. You can read about the anthology here:

Author Interview at Catrin Russell’s blog

Appearance on TV Show Between the Covers, sponsored by Red Penguin Books

Author Spotlight on The Chapter Goddess blog

Video Interview on The Chapter Goddess 

Video Interview on David Green’s The Guild

Live Interview on the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Focus FB Group

Video Interview on KnightVision with Opus Knight

There will be more so I’ll post them as I can! Stay tuned!




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