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Wool by Hugh Howey

I’m supposed to do a post today about what I’m currently reading, but honestly, I’ve been fairly swamped in home improvement land and haven’t read as much as I’d like. I began reading Wool by Hugh Howey, but I’ve not gotten very far yet.

I will say that I’m intrigued for two reasons:
1. People cannot stop raving about this book, and knowing what I know about it being a dystopian novel, I’m curious. I love a good dystopian novel.
2. This book was initially self-published. After it sold bucket-loads of copies, then it was snatched up by a traditional publisher. I’m all sorts of curious about it now because most people think self-published works all suck. This book has proven otherwise (as has 50 Shades of Vomit, but that’s another thing altogether).

Flooring from Hell

Floors from Hell

I haven’t made it far enough to give it much of a review yet, so I’ll have to post about this again once I’m done. Instead of reading fiction, I’ve been researching all the things we’re improving in our home. One of which is the Floors from Hell, aka rubber safety flooring. We have beautiful hard wood floors throughout the house, but our bathrooms have this horrific safety flooring. It’s supposed to be ‘easier to manage and clean and care for,’ not to mention more ‘durable,’ but this flooring is the worst stuff I have ever encountered. Every piece of dust, hair, kitty litter, you name it, gets stuck to it and the only way to pry it off is with a crowbar on your hands and knees. Seriously folks.

Even worse, the glue appears to be seeping up through the micro-thin rubber, corroding it. Yes, folks–our floor is corroding. So we will be replacing that flooring post-haste.
In addition to all the other things on the list. (We fixed all the wacky power outlets and windows without tracks. Now we need to replace the 22 year old fridge, microwave, oven, and dishwasher that barely work now, the washer and dryer that sound like a dying cat when operating, the fireplace with no screen, the lack of any overhead lighting in the living room and master bedroom, and the kitchen counters–which are also rubber, like the floors. *sigh*).

But at least when we’re done, it’ll be a much nicer place. Maybe then I can read. 😉

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