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Scavenger Hunt(s)!

My site (and thus, me) is taking part in TWO scavenger hunts for the end of May and the first week of June!

In May, science fiction romance author, J. M. Page, is having a scavenger hunt for her birthday.


Each day there will be a new clue for you to find the answer to, and that answer will be your entry into the giveaway for the day. Yes, there are prizes! You can get all the details HERE.

HINT: If you’re looking for your clue for the Birthday Hunt–check under the BOOKS tab. Try looking under Book I of something. 😉

For June 1-7th,  the wonderful folks over at The YA Bookshelf are doing quite the scavenger hunt with 140 authors and over $500 in prizes.

The YA Bookshelf

You can Join the Hunt over HERE on their website.

Summer Scavenger Hunt

In honor of these scavenger hunts, anyone who joins my newsletter (The Conspiracy) between May 23 and June 7th, will be entered to win a SIGNED copy of Amaskan’s Bloodplus some swag. (No purchase necessary.)

If you’re looking for the keyword for the YA Summer Scavenger Hunt, click HERE.

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