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Scrivener Saturday: Five Ways to Use Split Screen

This week’s Scrivener Saturday – Five Ways to Use Split Screen Beyond the Corkboard & Outline Views.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? I’ve run into quite a few authors who didn’t know that the split screen in Scrivener wasn’t limited to index cards (the corkboard) and outline mode. See picture below:

Scrivener Saturday Split Screen

What I haven’t seen is people using it like this:

scrivener saturday split screen uses

So what did I do differently? I opened another document of mine up top instead. Other than index cards or outline view, here are Five Ways to Use Split Screen:

  1. Use it to have a running list of vocabulary for your world while you work so you never forget or misspell a word.
  2. Use it to have a running list of “fact checks.” (These are notes to myself such as ‘Check how tall the Empire State building is for chapter 2’ that I’ll do during revisions.)
  3. Use it for a list of your characters & their descriptions. No more Susie having blue eyes in chapter 1 and brown eyes in chapter twenty.
  4. Use it to display a map of your kingdom, galaxy/universe, starship, city, etc. No more navigational snafu’s.
  5. Use it to display research relevant to the scene you’re currently writing (which you could also display in the document notes on the right).

What I Love about This Feature: You can split screen with any two documents, so this feature is only limited to your imagination. You can also split screen horizontally or vertically.

Downside to This Feature: Depending upon what you put in the splits, the screen can get a tad cluttered, but that’s what full screen composition mode is for.

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