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Scrivener Saturday: The Wishlist

I’m doing something a tad bit different today for Scrivener Saturday as I’m still trying to catch up from back-to-back conventions.

This week’s Scrivener Saturday: The Wishlist–as in my top 5 features I wish Literature & Latte would add to the program.

  1. Blog Support–as in, a way to have a blog template the way you have fiction projects, dissertations, etc. without resorting to a lot of weird hacks to get it to work. Even better if it could work with WordPress’s Post to Your Blog via Email feature so that I can proof, control word count, etc. in Scrivener and then send it to my site. (MacJournal does something similar to this, so I’d love to see the same in Scrivener.)
  2. Word Goals–In Scrivener, you can set an overall goal for a project (like 10,000 for a short story), and Scrivener will tell you how many words per day you must type to meet your goal by X deadline, but it doesn’t let you keep a chart of how many words you actually typed per day. Even better if it could track how many words written and how many words edited per day.
  3. Control Imported Image Sizes–When I import an image, like say a map, it’s displayed with its native size. So if my map is 2000 pixels wide, it’ll show up that large, which is irritating as I can’t see the entire map without scrolling. I’d like to be able to resize it to a more manageable size.
  4. Scapple Fully Interactive inside Scrivener–Literature & Latte made Scapple to give writers a way to brainstorm and mind-map before writing. I love this, but once I import the map into Scrivener, it’s done. If there’s a mistake in it that I need to change, I have to load up Scapple, change it, and then re-import it into Scrivener. I’d love to see them become more interactive with each other, like allowing me to edit/change mind-maps inside of Scrivener.
  5. Task Lists/Checklists!  I would give my right arm to be able to create and use task checklists with reminders inside Scrivener. Right now, I use Google Calendar, but what happens is all my day-to-day normal tasks get mixed into writing ones. And I have to mark it all private, which wastes time. I’d like to be able to do that in Scrivener itself.

What do you wish Scrivener would do?

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