The Beauty That Keeps Us Going – Raven Oak

The Beauty That Keeps Us Going

There’s an amazing Doctor Who episode involving Vincent Van Gogh that is my absolute favorite. It’s also a great reminder of the beauty that keeps us going in times like these.

I will disagree though with the curator about how no one ever will transform such pain into beauty again though. This is why I write. This is why so many write, why so many create any art really. We’re constantly transforming the pain and harshness of this world into things of beauty. Telling stories through different lenses and filters.
Art (of all kinds) is so very beautiful.

#MeToo has showed the sheer number of people impacted by some very painful events. Do me a favor–Go support an artist/writer/creator today. Tell them they are appreciated or buy something they’ve transformed. 


Support the beauty that keeps us going. <3

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