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WorldCon 76!

Tomorrow at 10 AM PST, Elise and I (Books & Chains) will be heading out for San Jose, California for WorldCon 76!

I’ll be gone for 9 days between the driving and the convention itself, so I’m really going to miss home! I don’t have any panels there, but I’ll be in the Dealer’s Room with Books & Chains, so come stop by and say hello! I’ll have both new books with me (Amaskan’s War and the coloring book), and Elise will have some new chainmaille jewelry as well! So bring your money and get stocked up!

My to-do list today is insane. I’ll share it with you, so that you can join in the insanity!

  • Resort B&C crates and make sure I have the new book stands, ribbons, and everything else I need for our booth
  • Back book crates with stock, including new books
  • Finish laundry
  • Pack suitcase for 9 days
  • Pack my laptop, iPad, charging cables, power cables, etc.
  • Finish baking food for the drive down to CA
  • Plug in USB drive to update the car’s GPS system
  • Spend time with the husband before I’m gone for 9 freaking days
  • Pet the kitties to make up for being gone for 9 days
  • Grab form off the printer for the Dealer’s Hall folks
  • Go get cash for the cash box

I’m probably forgetting something.

Malley is helping me bake. Malley helps!Hope you have a great week! See you in nine days!

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