Write-A-Thon – Raven Oak


It’s time for the Clarion West Write-A-Thon!

Besides kicking my writing ass into shape word count wise, the Write-A-Thon event is a great opportunity to raise funds for Clarion West, a great writing workshop here on the west coast. Places like Clarion West, Cascade Writers, Taos Toolbox, Viable Paradise, etc. go a long way in helping fledgeling writers learn their craft. They provide networking opportunities and chances to pitch ideas.

Because I truly believe that writing workshops help writers be their very best creative selves, I would encourage you to donate to the Write-A-Thon. Even a dollar can help writers from a variety of backgrounds and struggles attend.

Donate now at: https://secure.clarionwest.org/campaign.jsp?campaign=352&fundraiser=10830&

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