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Aaaand We’re Live!!

Things couldn’t be more exciting over here in my office as I’m doing a happy dance! It’s official! The Kickstarter for The Bell Ringer & Other Holiday Tales has launched! AND FUNDED!!!

For those who didn’t follow the campaign and haven’t gone to look yet, we have some great early bird prices for the next 48 HOURS as well as some rewards for early backers. Check them out!

Tier 3 - The Digital Package (Early Bird) includes an eBook & all 24+ digital art prints from the collection for $25. Tier 4 - The Hardback (Early Bird pricing) includes the special edition hardback, ebook, & digital wallpapers of all the art, for $45.

Back in the first 48 hours and get a digital wallpaper of the cartoon Ringers art. Be one of the first 100 backers and get a free bookmark and 2" sticker.

If you haven’t backed this project yet, please consider it! Head over to:

A tan cat stares at the camera and says, "I'm Malley. Back the KS? Meow? Please & thanks!"

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