Adventures in E.R. Land

Adventures in E.R. Land

Sometimes I think that a particular month is comprised wholly of fail, meaning that nothing in it or very little in it has gone well. The month of May was one of those months. It even ended with a bang.

May 31st, 2014 ended in the E.R.

In my attempt to show my husband how to use my epi-pen, should he ever have to inject me, I did something extremely stupid. Instead of grabbing the trainer, I actually grabbed my real epi-pen and proceeded to inject myself with the real deal. While not suffering anaphylaxis.

I’ve suffered panic attacks before in my life, but nothing had prepared me for the rush of serious adrenaline that would happen with an un-needed injection. Thanks to my husband’s…interesting and quasi-legal driving…we made it to the ER in 7 minutes. After hooking me up to a heart monitor, they determined that I was fine. Uncomfortable, but fine.

My fingers and toes were pins and needles, my teeth chattered hard enough to chip them, and my heart resembled a race horse. But I was fine. They gave me two Lorazepam and sent me home, where I spent a few uncomfortable hours until I crashed.

The next day, my body felt like I’d run a marathon and then been kicked by a horse. Twice. I spent the day with my brain fuzzy from the Lorazepam and my muscles utterly exhausted. (Seriously, crawling up the stairs took herculean effort!)

After an adventure like that, where I scared my husband half-to-death, not to mention myself, it makes the previous misadventures of the month of May seem petty.

I spent most of Sunday kicking myself for making such a seriously stupid mistake (not to mention the ER bill that’s later to come), but now I’m sort-of laughing. I’m alive. All is well. And boy was that stupid!

So–what’s your best example of stupidity?

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